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About Consumption

I got eight hours of sleep last night so I had some time to realize that stuff you think is good while you’re sleepy doesn’t always turn out to be good while you’re well rested. The cover, as grueling as it was to make, was very misleading about the premise of the story.

consumption is a story about Identity, waking up and finding you weren’t who you thought you were and having to adjust to being someone else completely even though you know you aren’t this person. However my main character “Kaseko” switched between being two different people in two different realities and only having the identity of one of them. The cover however looks like some tragic love story to the tune of Romeo and Juliet.


 I still haven’t learned to throw useless stuff out so I posted it anyway. See that? We can’t have that! Kaseko is a soldier from a futuristic world where a war is heating up. Senna is a girl from modern times with nothing good going on in her life. So I scrapped the cover.  Hmm, this is awkward. I can’t really think of anything else to say that isn’t either a spoiler or whiny. I do have a cold though and it’s slowing down progress quite a bit. My immune system isn’t very useful. But it’s not really too hard on my cold to sit at a desk.


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