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I wanted to post the first chapter of Consumption today but I found my time consumed by drawing the cover picture. I haven’t finished it because the main character wears cornrows and it’s really hard to draw. It’s been hours and to add insult to injury, the parts aren’t even. In this time I could have learned how to cornrow and done a head or two full. I’m not used to drawing for an extended time or challenging myself. My avatar picture took me about ten minutes.


 Her hand is missing, but I guess you noticed that already.

In any case I posted the first chapter of Fortune. It’s overhead and I started with a very cliché plotline for this chapter. Yeah, start my first chapter of my first post with a cliché plotline. That’s how I roll. 

Unfortunately Anthony looks for trouble and while he doesn’t usually find it, Julian’s about as lucky as Eugene from Hey Arnold. (A kid’s show in which something bad happened to Eugene in every episode he dared to show his face in) Julian’s changed a lot from the character I intended for him to be. I was going to have him be a homeless drunkard who’s a few years older than Anthony. He seems to pretty much do whatever he feels like doing.

I’m going to post Consumption tomorrow because it’s nearly 3:00 AM and these late night post when I have to wake up early are not adding up. Next Monday I’m putting up a Character Spotlight.


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