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Joan Watson from Elementary


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This may come off as sounding pretentious but these are just my opinions. I don’t count them as facts. I feel that since Arthur Conan Doyle is the original author of Sherlock Holmes and owns the characters just like Katsura Hoshino is the author of D.Gray-Man and owns the series and characters. Any other works on it are fan-fiction. I do not look down on fan-fiction. I really like the practice. I also think that if you like a show you will respect how it was done.

That does not mean keep everything exactly the same. That would just be repetition.  I’d never watched or read anything related to Sherlock Holmes based on the cliché cameo appearances they made in so many other shows. Sherlock sat around smoking his pipe saying “Elementary, my dear Watson. The lady wasn’t wearing a wedding ring when she checked into a hotel with the man yet she had a print on her ring finger, clearly she was having an affair,” while a fat, bumbling Watson sits there like “That’s my pal!” with his teeth practically hanging out of his mouth.


I’d never intended to watch anything based on Sherlock Holmes but I rather liked the show even though I was rather suspicious of the decision that Watson should be a girl. I thought something along the lines of Really? Are they serious? Not one of these. Does everything have to be about…

My apprehension did not subside when she was introduced as his “Sober-companion.” Somehow I couldn’t bring myself to believe that Sherlock Holmes was ever involved in drugs because I never knew that he was smoking cocaine in that pipe. It might have been legal then but it’s kind of a crime now.

 Watson is the only sane man (or woman) in Sherlock’s world. Everyone else is used to his antics when she shows up. Holmes is immediately rude to her, like he is to everyone else in his usual clueless way. He seems to think she’s got good intentions but isn’t quite up to the task.

Watson however self-conscious as she may be is not going to be belittled insulted or toyed with into leaving her post. She is impressed with his intelligence and has a great assessment of his abilities but she is not in awe of him. Sherlock is tactless, has no manners and in the first episode repeatedly rammed his car into the culprit’s car because he was frustrated with the fact that it looked like he was going to get away with it. She thought that this was part of some brilliant plan he had. And then she found out he was just mad. She knows that he’s just another person under it all.

As she spends time with Sherlock he can see that she’s brilliant even though she can’t. She’s very conscious of her mistakes where as he has a great ability to not dwell on his unless he’s at a dead end. She develops her perception but also she develops insight into her own intelligence and in her new career as Sherlock’s sober companion she’s exposed to many ways to develop her perception while using her medical knowledge in new ways. She adds to the show because she has the ability to pick up obscurities but with a different perspective.

Why it works

 I didn’t know just how well they pulled this off until I saw the movie(The recent one with Iron Man in it) and did a bit of “homework” on it. The relationship between Sherlock and Watson was almost exactly the same. Watson, now a female, Asian sober companion who recently quit from being a surgeon was still the same person as the male Caucasian Watson who was still in his profession as a doctor. Someone, genius in their own right yet gets dragged into crazy shenanigans by his intelligent but crazy thrill-seeking ,friend.

I think it’s a great thing for someone to make a character who can be the same person under any circumstance but with a natural reaction to the circumstances, especially over one hundred years after the original story.


                Watson is a doctor

                Watson is actually pretty smart, possibly on par with Sherlock

                Watson isn’t nearly as confident of his/her own abilities

                Watson understands Sherlock better than others around him

                Sherlock relies on Watson as a friend and partner

                Sherlock trust Watson with more than he’d trust others with


                Watson’s a girl

                Watson’s Chinese

Thank you for reading

I forgot to put a Haiku at the end of my last post, or two.

Don’t be jealous of

Others around you for what

You already have

I’m pretty sure I’m missing what the actual gist of a haiku is here. Next week I’m going to do a character spotlight on Midna from Twilight Princess.


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